Monday, July 5, 2010

The "New" Deck!

So...we got out in the crazy heat today and starting staining the deck. We're using a solid paint stain, so it's not as hard to paint as I thought it would be. This kind of stain doesn't leave brush one coat and it's done :) We got the whole top part of the deck (minus one itty bitty area) and all of the upper railings done. We hope to get the outside railings, underside of the deck, and the steps done in the next day or two :).

I was scared when we bought the stain that the color was too brown and dark for me after seeing the dot of paint they put on top of the can, but after seeing it on the deck...I LOVE it :)

Here are some before and after pics!



Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wish Us Luck!

Tomorrow we plan to get a LOT done around the house!!! Today I spent a good portion of the day working on trimming most of our bushes around the house (we have too many). So, first thing I need to do tomorrow is pick up all of the trimmings. THEN we're planning on cleaning the deck, letting it dry, and then staining it. I hope we're able to get it all done tomorrow. In between cleaning the deck and actually staining it (while it's drying), we're hoping to go down in the garage and finally paint the dry-lock paint on the cement blocks that are underground. We've had water issues in the past that we're hoping will be solved with the new paint :).

Hopefully this will look much different tomorrow!!