Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tub Installer?

So, we're back to square one with installing our new tub in the upstairs guest bathroom. The guy who we've been trying for weeks to get out to our house was supposed to show up tonight to install our bathtub and was a no-call/no-show.....so if anyone knows of someone who knows how to install a bathtub, please let us know!

In other news, we've finished painting the kitchen and the final layer of primer was painted today down in the basement. We've also started working on painting the baseboards. I left my camera at the house, so I'll have to post pictures tomorrow.

Monday, June 29, 2009


There isn't a whole lot to report. This weekend was devoted to yard work and taking many loads of junk to the dump. ALL of the old carpet, vinyl tile (from the basement), parque (from the entry), and laminate (from the kitchen) have been disposed of and are no longer taking up space in our garage :) We've also spent a few days working on painting the living room and dining room (which both look great!!). We also went back and touched-up a few places in the previously painted rooms AND we've started painting the kitchen (I am in love the color we picked out!). I've posted a couple of pictures below. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to update.

We also found out today that our windows are scheduled to be installed on Monday (YAY!). We're also having our new tub installed tomorrow night in the upstairs guest bathroom.

Entry and part of the dining room

Living room with a glimpse of the red in the kitchen :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Painting!

Today, my mom and I got a lot accomplished in the living room and the dining room. We have an entire layer of primer on in the living room/entry/hallways and we're done with the dining room (minus a few touch ups). All we have left to do in these areas is add the top coat to the living room area.
Here are some before and after pictures!
Can you tell we couldn't find a color that we liked for the living room??

We finally picked a color! The darker color is what color the whole room will be.

The finished dining room

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our House Went to School

Okay...so our house didn't really go to school (ha ha)....but it did get "smarter" today (yes...I know...cheesy). Tom's friend Ben who owns NetWorks in Nashville (http://www.networksthatwork.net) and his other friend Tommy came out tonight to help run a bunch of cable lines and ethernet cords throughout our house. I think our house (when we are completely done) will be able to be classified as as a "smart house" (I could be wrong). They installed a panel that has all of the ethernet cables running into it. Our wireless internet will be controlled from this panel as well. I don't really understand all of it, but it looks kinda cool.

In other news, my mom and I got working on the living room, hallways, and dining room today. We pretty much cut in with our first layer of primer. We'll be back tomorrow to hopefully finish up those rooms :).

Here are some pictures of the networking stuff that was installed tonight:

Our new panel in our garage that will control all of our internet and cable throughout the house! There will be lots more plugged into this panel when we are done.

We now have 3 internet lines and one cable line running into the living room.

Some of the ethernet cable they installed tonight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Disco Room Floor is Disappearing!

Tom and his friend Ben worked on the "Disco" room floor on Saturday. The previous owners put down peel-and-stick vinyl tile. The first tiles came up really easy which teased us into thinking this would be an easy job...boy were we wrong. They must have decided (for whatever reason) to super glue down some of the tiles. Ben and Tom used a heat gun thingy (yes, I know...I'm using technical terms today) to get the tiles to pull up a little easier.

Here are some pictures of the progress:




We're almost done!

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Demo!

Today, my dad worked on pulling out the all-in-one bathtub/surround in the guest bathroom upstairs. To sum it up, the guest bath no longer has a tub in it :) We're hoping to have someone come out next week to install our new bathtub!

Amanda and I also worked on the landscaping some more. We got a decent amount done (especially considering the heat index was over 100 today!).

Here are some pictures from today!

Getting there....

All gone!!!

Tom relaxing in what used to be the guest bathtub :)

More destruction...this time in the front yard :)


After (no more dead branches)

Before (lots of dead branches)

After...still some dead branches...but not as many :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I haven't been on eBay in years, but today I thought I would browse through the roman tub faucets. We don't have to replace the one we currently have, but had wanted to if we could find a good deal on one (you know how I am about looking for a good deal). The first auction I lost at the last second, but then I found a tub faucet to match the faucets we had previously purchased for the sinks in the master bath. I haven't seen this particular faucet in the store because the design had been discontinued. Even though I didn't get a chance to work on the house today, I still feel like I got something accomplished :)

Here are the pictures of the faucets for our master bath!

This one is the roman tub faucet (which we hope will fit our current tub). I got it on eBay for $39....it probably retailed for around $175 (or more). We have no idea how to get the current faucet off...wish us luck.

We bought two of these on clearance at Lowes. They retailed for $144/each but I got them for $37/each!!! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Landscaping Day!!

Yes, it is another 2 blog day :)
Amanda and I worked hard today on the landscaping. Some of my "after" pictures didn't turn out well, so I'll post some better ones tomorrow :)

Here are some of the pictures of today's progress!!!


After! I updated the blog a few days ago showing where I had pulled weeds from this bed and planted my calla lillys. Today, I added the stone border to match the bed around the mailbox!

Before (LOTS of weeds)



After (I'll post a better picture tomorrow)


After (I'll post a better picture tomorrow as well)

Our Garage Doors Work!!!

Today, we had the guys at Overhead Doors come out and work on our garage doors. Neither would open (without a lot of work), all of the springs were broken, and one of the panels was dented in on top. So, the guys came out and fixed EVERYTHING!! If you ever need any work done on your garage doors, please call these guys...they are great! They charged me the price on the original estimate even though they had to do a LOT more to get the doors working! They didn't leave until both doors would open perfectly. We figured the door operators wouldn't work, but they got them working :) I highly recommend them (615) 868-3667 (Michael Rinehart was the guy who came out to give me the estimate).

Here are a few before and afters :)
Before (see how the top panel is dented)

After (we'll be painting both garage doors at some point, so it doesn't matter that it doesn't match perfectly)

They both open now!!!!!! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

More Weeding!!!

I decided to tackle two more flower beds today! These didn't have major root systems like the bed around the mail box.....but there were tons of little weeds that were just time consuming to pull out. I also planted some of my calla lillys :)

We also cut-in with primer for the second time in the basement. Tom also finished painting the ceilings in both the downstairs bathroom and our master bathroom.

Here are some before and after pics from the flower beds.







After (with my calla lillys)



Friday, June 12, 2009


Today, I decided to take a break from the inside of the house and work on the much needed outside landscaping. I spent 4 hours pulling out weeds from around our mailbox. I thought it would be a quick and easy job, but no....not even close. The weeds had roots like trees!!! I can't even imagine how long it is going to take us to pull weeds from all around the house.

Here are some before and after pictures from today!



After!! :)


We Need a Little Help!

The handy man we were going to use for several projects around the house has fallen through....so we're looking for some help. We need help with replacing a bath tub (pulling out the old tub and installing the new tub that we have already purchased), tiling a tub surround, and cutting our laminate counter tops to the size we need (and help installing them). We especially need help getting the new tub in and cutting the countertops. We have the materials we need to tile, but we're not so confident we can do a whole tub surround by ourselves. If anyone knows anyone that knows how to do any of these projects that could help us, or if you know of a good handy man (that is affordable), please let me or Tom know :)

Also, the house we bought has an in-ground sprinkler/irrigation system. We know nothing about this system and have no idea how to test it to see if it is in working condidition. Does anyone know someone who knows anything about irrigation systems?

THANKS in advance!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the Disco Room Fades Away!

Okay...so today there are two blogs! :)

We have started to paint over the crazy colors in the basement :). We have only painted the first coat of primer but you can already see how much better the room will look. It looks sooo much bigger already!! -we'll need one more layer of primer and then one regular coat of paint.

Here are some before and after pics!




After!! (the yellow trim and checkered tile will be leaving as well!!!)

We also painted the master bedroom :)