Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Weekend of Demo!!

It's Time to Demo!!!

It has been a true weekend of Demo!!! This weekend we pulled up all of the tack stips around the house, pulled up all of the parque flooring in the entryway, tore down the half wall in the guest bathroom, pulled up all of the laminate hardwood in the kitchen, and pulled up some of the peel-and-stick vinyl that was in the basement (that they super duper glued down)!

The kitchen with the laminate flooring

...and now without!

Where the parque entry used to be!

Tom, Mike, and Alex worked all weekend on building me a planters box (to plant my massive collection of squash plants), they fixed the broken fence piece, and fixed the fence gate!

Thank you to Jonathan, Stephanie, Mike, and Alex for helping us this weekend!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Week Later...

So...apparently I'm not the best at updating a blog. We closed on our house just over a week ago and we've accomplised so much already! We've scrubbed every single wall, pulled up all of the carpet and carpet pad, and pulled down all of the wallpaper in the master bath and in the guest bath downstairs (which the previous owners had painted was not fun to take down), and have tried to do a little bit landscape work.

We are definitely lucky to have some really great friends and family who have helped us out thus far. Amanda has been over just about every day she has had off to help out (THANK YOU!!!). Also...thank you mom for all of your hard work!

Here are a few pictures of our progress:

Monday, May 18, 2009

We're almost there....

I've never had a blog, and I figured...when would be a better time to start a blog than now?? :) There is so much to do to our new home and I thought it might be fun to post pictures and stories as we go along. If no one ever reads this, it will at least be a journal that I can look back and read one day. If you do follow, enjoy!

Tom and I will be first time homebuyers as of Wednesday at 2pm :) As most of you probably know, we are buying a house that is not move-in ready. We've tried to be as prepared as we can be for our new house. Our thought process has been "why wait until we have the house to get things when we can be buying them along the way." you'll see in some of the pictures below, we're definitely stocking up on some much needed items for the house :)

New Locks, blinds, ceiling fans, bath faucets, light switches, cabinet knobs, and much much more!
I think Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware have become my second home already. Thanks in large part to my aunt and some friends who hooked us up with a ton of coupons from Lowes, all of these purchases above were bought for a good deal :)

The 46 cans of paint we've bought so far as well as a few other items

Yes, you read correctly....we've bought 46 gallons of pain thus far. This house needs a complete make-over when it comes to paint. Every wall and ceiling will need to be painted. We've bought ceiling paint, primer, baseboard paint, and of course...the paint which will be tinted to different colors. Who wants to have a paint party?? :)

I'll try to post as much as I can as we go through this whole process and I can't wait to invite all of our friends and family to an open house once everything is completed and we are all moved in!