Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Weekend of Demo!!

It's Time to Demo!!!

It has been a true weekend of Demo!!! This weekend we pulled up all of the tack stips around the house, pulled up all of the parque flooring in the entryway, tore down the half wall in the guest bathroom, pulled up all of the laminate hardwood in the kitchen, and pulled up some of the peel-and-stick vinyl that was in the basement (that they super duper glued down)!

The kitchen with the laminate flooring

...and now without!

Where the parque entry used to be!

Tom, Mike, and Alex worked all weekend on building me a planters box (to plant my massive collection of squash plants), they fixed the broken fence piece, and fixed the fence gate!

Thank you to Jonathan, Stephanie, Mike, and Alex for helping us this weekend!!

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