Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today's big project was working on the basement bathroom. First of all, we replaced the door frame on the inside of the bathroom (I took a "before" picture but forgot to take an after I'll post that tomorrow). Then, we started working on cutting the new baseboards, beadboard, and top trim for the top of the beadboard. It was an all day project. We got all of the beadboard cut and ready to install, but we want to put one more layer of paint on the walls (I think we're on layer #6....the walls were REALLY damaged).

After seeing the pretty new beadboard with the new baseboards and tile, we started considering the idea of buying new cabinet and vanity top. The cabinet we pulled out of the room had some water damage on one side. We're still trying to figure out what we can budget...but once looks like a small project has turned into a little bit bigger project...which is turning into a big project. lol

We also got the master bathroom rolled for it's second layer of paint. The master bathroom is now finished in terms of paint :)

Tomorrow we're going back and re-painting some of the walls in the dining room and master bedroom where some of the paint left funny marks where we touched up the paint. Thankfully Behr paint is reimbursing us for the new paint since it messed up the first time (I would hope they would since we bought 40 gallons of Behr paint!). Tom finished all the cuts for the floor tile in the upstairs guest bath, so we're hoping to get most of those laid tomorrow night as well.

Here are some pictures from today!

My dad cutting the baseboards

Basement bath before

...and after! (This isn't the finished pic...but its a preview of what it'll look like)

Tom got the backboard down in the upstairs guest bath

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