Thursday, August 20, 2009

T-Minus 2 Days....

...until we move! AHHH! We still have so much to I have come to the realization that it just won't all get done...and that's okay!

Today we worked on getting the remaining new light fixtures installed. None of them were easy and almost all of them gave us some problem of some sort. We only have two ceiling fans to install tomorrow and then we'll be done with all the lighting (except for the kitchen nook...which we're still debating over which light to go with).

Oh...and we also got our new dishwasher installed today! We now have a completely functioning kitchen again!

Tomorrow is going to be busy (but then again...when are we not busy). Not only do we want to finish up a few things at the house...but we also have to finish packing at my parents house.

Here are a few pics from today!

Our new dishwasher

New lighting above the kitchen sink

Entry lighting

New lighting in the basement bathroom (I ran out of bulbs...hence the reason only two lights look lit)

Pretty sunset in front of our house (too bad the power lines are there)

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  1. Here is an edited version without the power lines. Just click my name hyperlink for the image