Monday, August 10, 2009

We Have Carpet!!!

Today was an exciting day at our house.....we had our carpet installed. We placed the order for our carpet on our anniversary, June 7th....and 2 months later....we finally had it installed. It looks great and is sooooo soft! The house is finally starting to look close to finished :) One week from today we'll have the hardwood installed and we'll be on our way to moving in!

Besides having the carpet installed today, we also replaced all of the cabinet hardware in the kitchen and the master bath. I also got some new recessed lighting covers installed in the master bath. We also did a little bit more touch-up painting in a few places. We thought we were done...but the carpet people left soooo many marks on the we're going to have to spend even more time fixing those.
We have a lot to get done before next wish us luck :)

Here are pictures from today (I've uploaded a ton today).

Before (the color was a lot darker than what we painted it even though it doesn't look much different)






New recessed lighting trim in the master bath

New knobs and hinges in the kitchen

New knobs and hinges in the master bath

Oh...and someone hit Tom this morning on his way to work. Guess he'll finally get that new bumper he wanted. He was fine...her car was okay...but her car was pretty much totaled...GO HONDA :)

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