Sunday, August 9, 2009

Preparing for Carpet Installation!!

This weekend was all about trying to finish up the projects we wanted to get done before having the carpet installed. We got the rest of the tile knocked out around the bath tub in the master bath. We got all of the beadboard nailed into place and the toilet installed in the downstairs bathroom. We still need to install a few pieces of the baseboards and top trim, but we're waiting until we pick out the vanity we're going to put in there. Tom got all of the tile laid down in the upstairs guest bath (all it needs is grout). We also got all of the hardibacker nailed into place around the bathtub in the upstairs guest bath (thank you Jonathan for your help!!). We also got the walls re-painted in the master bedroom, dining room, and living room that needed another coat of paint. My mom and dad were a BIG help this weekend-- thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Tomorrow we are having new carpet installed in all three bedrooms, the stairs, and the basement! I am very excited about this :) It feels like the light at the end of the tunnel is finally becoming visible!!! One week from tomorrow, we'll have the hardwood installed-- which means...we have a LOT to get done this week!

Here are some pictures from this weekend.
Tile in the upstairs guest bath

Hardibacker board around the tub (we're tiling around it this week)

The master bath tub....we had to knock out the tile

The basement bathroom

Problems we're having with our windows already :( rust and water build up are not supposed to happen...but they are. We have the installers scheduled to come out on Thursday to look at the problem...hope its not a big deal to fix it.

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