Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Been a While....

It's been almost a week since I posted my last blog. We've accomplished quite a bit since then. The tub is completely nailed into place....all we have left to do is tile the surround. We have painted all three bathrooms :) We still need another layer of paint in the master and upstairs guest, but we're getting close to being done with paint (except for the exterior). We got ceiling fans installed in the guest bedroom and office. We've painted the woodwork in the stairwell and put the rail back up. My dad has also gone through and switched out just about every light switch and plug outlet. They were all painted over and yellowed. Lastly, we have started the process of switching out all of the brass door knobs with brushed nickel ones :)

Here are some pictures from the past several days!

The upstairs guest bath

The downstairs guest bath-- it definitely came out brighter than I anticipated...but I think it will look good with the white beadboard and chocolate accents.

The master bathroom!

New ceiling fan in the office

New ceiling fan in the guest bedroom

Backerboard all measured out and ready to have mortar!

New brushed nickel door knobs :)

Preview of the tile that will be going around the upstairs guest bath tub!

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