Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our Garage Doors Work!!!

Today, we had the guys at Overhead Doors come out and work on our garage doors. Neither would open (without a lot of work), all of the springs were broken, and one of the panels was dented in on top. So, the guys came out and fixed EVERYTHING!! If you ever need any work done on your garage doors, please call these guys...they are great! They charged me the price on the original estimate even though they had to do a LOT more to get the doors working! They didn't leave until both doors would open perfectly. We figured the door operators wouldn't work, but they got them working :) I highly recommend them (615) 868-3667 (Michael Rinehart was the guy who came out to give me the estimate).

Here are a few before and afters :)
Before (see how the top panel is dented)

After (we'll be painting both garage doors at some point, so it doesn't matter that it doesn't match perfectly)

They both open now!!!!!! :)

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