Friday, June 5, 2009

We Have Color!!!

The last few days, we've been working hard to paint some of the rooms in the house. It hasn't been easy. Every wall has needed about 3 coats of paint (including primer)... We've finished both guest bedrooms and the laundry room. Beyond paint, my dad has helped continue our demolition spree with pulling out the vanity in the guest bathroom and working on taking up the 1/4 inch subfloor (that is on top of another subfloor) in the kitchen!

Here are a few pictures from the last couple of days!

The guest bedroom

We're doing a taupe in the closets.

The office!

More Demo in the Guest Bath!

Demo in the kitchen- the cabinets will go back...but we have new counter tops :)

AND....look at the progress in my garden!

My yellow squash is on it's way :) :) I hope everyone likes squash...because I'm going to have TONS of it!!!

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