Friday, June 12, 2009

We Need a Little Help!

The handy man we were going to use for several projects around the house has fallen we're looking for some help. We need help with replacing a bath tub (pulling out the old tub and installing the new tub that we have already purchased), tiling a tub surround, and cutting our laminate counter tops to the size we need (and help installing them). We especially need help getting the new tub in and cutting the countertops. We have the materials we need to tile, but we're not so confident we can do a whole tub surround by ourselves. If anyone knows anyone that knows how to do any of these projects that could help us, or if you know of a good handy man (that is affordable), please let me or Tom know :)

Also, the house we bought has an in-ground sprinkler/irrigation system. We know nothing about this system and have no idea how to test it to see if it is in working condidition. Does anyone know someone who knows anything about irrigation systems?

THANKS in advance!!!

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