Monday, June 29, 2009


There isn't a whole lot to report. This weekend was devoted to yard work and taking many loads of junk to the dump. ALL of the old carpet, vinyl tile (from the basement), parque (from the entry), and laminate (from the kitchen) have been disposed of and are no longer taking up space in our garage :) We've also spent a few days working on painting the living room and dining room (which both look great!!). We also went back and touched-up a few places in the previously painted rooms AND we've started painting the kitchen (I am in love the color we picked out!). I've posted a couple of pictures below. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have more to update.

We also found out today that our windows are scheduled to be installed on Monday (YAY!). We're also having our new tub installed tomorrow night in the upstairs guest bathroom.

Entry and part of the dining room

Living room with a glimpse of the red in the kitchen :)

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