Monday, July 6, 2009

2 Questions

Today is another two blog day...

First of all...can anyone tell me what this weed is called and how in the world I can kill it?? I have pulled them (root and all) and they still come back...I have sprayed them with Round-Up and they still wont' die...AND I have poured Preen all over the flower beds and yet they still come back. Please help me!!

They deserve a bigger picture than usual...I want to make sure you can see them....just like I see them EVERYDAY in my flower beds :(

Secondly...I need some opinions....We're painting all of our doors. Currently all of the door hinges have been painted over white. Should we re-paint them white where they'll blend in or match the hinges to the door knobs (which will be brushed nickel)?? Any opinions??

Here's what they look like currently:

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