Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What Would You Do?

So...We're not sure what to do about lighting in the kitchen. The previous owners had attached a florescent light above the sink, but they had it mounted to the wall where it was shining right in your we took it down. Now...I'm not sure what to put in it's place. I want a light over my sink but not sure what would look good. Any suggestions? Here is what it currently looks like:

We made a lot of progress today. We worked hard painting baseboards upstairs- It is incredible the difference the white paint makes on the old dingy baseboards. We also got a layer of primer on all of the woodwork down in the more crazy yellow!!!

Here are some pictures of the finished kitchen and the basement!

The kitchen! Now, we just need a new refigerator, the floors installed, cabinets put back in place, and new countertops much to do!

The basement with primer on the walls and woodwork...not sure if I like the color or not :/

One more layer of paint and new carpet and we'll be done!

Can you believe how big my squash have gotten?? Remember when I blogged about them a month ago and they were sooo tiny???

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