Sunday, July 12, 2009

Renovation Day #54

Wow....we've already been renovating our house for 54 days! One thing I have already learned is that you will most likely never finish in the amount of time you thought it would, you will run into problems which turn into money, and you will almost always come in over budget- that's been the case for us...

But anyway...yesterday (Saturday), we got a lot done with the help of my mom and dad and my friend Jonathan. It was definitely a team effort. Collectively, we took down two bathroom mirrors, finished priming doors, finished painting window sills, removed the old dishwasher, finished applying putty all over the basement bathroom, cleaned the nasty downstairs bathtub and began working on the clog, and laid down the backer board for the tile in the laundry room!

Today we're hoping we get just as much accomplished (even though we are off to a late start). We hope to replace the drywall in the basement bathroom, spray paint all of the door hinges (one thing we chose not to actually replace), and work on priming the closet doors for the guest bedroom.

We found out that both our carpet and hardwood is in and ready to install. Now, we just have to finish everything we can do before we have them install our we're trying to get everything done as fast as we can.

Well...I've tried about 10 times to upload pictures but I keep getting an error, so I'll try to post them again tonight.

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