Monday, July 6, 2009

No Windows Today :(

Our new windows did not get installed today. I was at the house at 8am this morning ready for the installers to show up but they called saying they were having to finish up another project they had started on Saturday. They were supposed to make it over around lunch but when they called at 3:30, they said they wouldn't make it until we're hoping the new windows will be in tomorrow :)

In the meantime...I painted the top coat on the basement walls and inside the closet downstairs. I also primed the bead board that we're going to put up in the basement bathroom. I tried to save some money and get the un-primed bead board....I should have sucked it up and spent the extra $12 for the primed boards. Tom hopefully finished the tile in the downstairs bathroom (minus grout). As of now (while writing this), he hasn't made it home...he was having to wait for something to dry when I left the house.

I only have a few pictures today...

I primed two boards is one "before" and one "after"

Completely Random...but we found this table with a "free" sign on it a few weeks back....I'm soooo glad we picked it up...we've used it a ton so far!

This is what our vanity for the upstairs guest bath looks like. ( This is the picture on the side of the box)

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