Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Have New Windows!!!!

YAY!! Our new windows were installed today and we LOVE them! We bought the "Sun Defense" windows by Pella (they're the best energy efficient windows that Pella offers). We replaced all of the windows in the front of the house as well as the window in the finished basement room. They are fantastic. We can already tell a difference in the temperature of the rooms that have new windows (especially when the afternoon sun hits those windows). They're tinted (for energy efficiency), so they have this cool blue tint to them.

I took a ton of pictures hope you enjoy scanning through them :)

And the process begins with pulling out the old windows!

Cutting right through the frame

Pile of old frames

Old windows that you can barely see through

Yay for energy efficiency....which means energy bill savings :)

The old windows (master bedroom) that you could barely see out of because of the moisture stuck in the panes.


Even more moisture in the panes (Dining Room)

After! (we went with two solid windows vs. two windows with two small windows on top)

Before (basement window)- we didn't have to replace this one, but we wanted to have a window that opens....and I'm glad we did replace it.


Before (office window). More moisture in the double panes.






And of course....we have to have an update from my garden. Look at the VERY tiny squash that are growing :)


  1. Cleaner windows make for brighter homes! It’s a good thing you decided to change your windows already. The moisture would have led to more damage and would also have messed with the temperature inside your home. I’m sure you were really happy to have windows that actually give you a great view!

    -- Barrett Elmore

  2. Congratulations on the new windows! I’m sure you were so glad to be able to turn and see out of their clear panes and into the world outside. You’re also definitely saving a lot more money on energy now since more light and heat are coming through the new clear windows, which means you’ll be able to keep your lights and heat off a lot longer during daytime.