Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Window Issues

Well...the window installers showed up about 9am this morning ready to install our new windows....but of course....they had problems. Apparently our windows were originally installed in our house differently than most houses. They were afraid ripping out the windows the way they usually do would damage the brick in the front. The first two installers had to call in a third guy who wasn't even sure if the windows I ordered would even fit correctly....so they called someone from Lowes who came out (along with yet another person). They finally decided that they could install the windows we had ordered, but they would need more installers to get the job done in one day. So, the plan is to have 4-5 installers come on Thursday and hopefully get all of the windows installed in one day....cross your fingers for us :)

We finished actually laying all of the tiles in the downstairs guest bath last night. All we have left to do is grout. We are very happy with the way our first tiling experience turned out!

Other than that, my mom and I worked hard today painting wood work....she tackled the door frames while I worked on the rest of the baseboards.

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