Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pictures From This Weekend!

So I realized that it probably looks like I don't do anything...but I do...I promise :) I just take the pictures...hence the reason you never see me in any.
Here are the pictures I tried to upload early today....
Cabinets I found at a garage sale on Saturday. We got them for $15 (and the guy delivered them)! They're in great condition (just old) and will be great for a work area in the garage. We're going to put our old kitchen counter tops on top of them.

Doors all laid out to be painted. For some reason this creeps me out...feels like its bodies laid out in a morgue or something....

The walls in the basement bathroom....we're having to patch TONS of places from where the drywall ripped off when we pulled off the old painted over wallpaper. The big white area is where the mirror used to be (we ended up having to get a new one-not in the original

Tom and my dad working on getting down the mirror. The one upstairs broke...but this one remained intact.

Tom nailing down the backerboard in the laundry room. We'll get to start tiling in there on Monday :)

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